Oum Kalthoum – Idaret al ayyam/The Days Went By

Oum Kalthoum – The Days Went By

The days went by
And the days passed
We didn’t see each other or speak to each other
Then I saw him
And forgot that I wasn’t speaking to him
And forgot my sleepless nights
And forgave him for tormenting my heart and playing with it
I don’t how I spoke to him again
Who do I have but my love?

He met me with longing in his eyes
He said hi
He said hi and took my hand
And whispered to me saying “I was wrong”
Why did I forget the time we were apart
Where are my tears that did not sleep at night
With a smile from his eyes he made me forget them
A state of agony, the sweetest agony
The agony of love
The agony of love for lovers
I can’t last a day (literally, bear or be patient) in his absence
This patience in and of itself needs patience

Describe to me what is patience
I found it to be a myth and nonsense in love
It can barely even be said
Where can I run and ride?
Our beautiful nights (ie times together) are everywhere
We filled them with love, us two together
We filled the world with hope
Hope and tenderness
God bless those who love
They are confused and oppressed
Unable to be patient

The days went by
And the days passed
And the dawn finally appeared after my abandonment
Rising with its rosy hue
And the light of the morning roused my happiness
And said to my love for him, get up and rejoice
From my happiness, from my happiness I was lost
And I found myself with you, living with you in a new spring (like the season, a new beginning)
There’s nothing like this, nothing like this
Nothing like an unending love
A love, a love, a love reborn

أم كلثوم – ودارت الايام

و دارت الأيام
ومرت الأيام
ما بين بعاد وخصام
وقابلته….نسيت اني خصمته
ونسيت الليل اللي سهرته
وسامحت عذاب قلبي وحيرته
ما اعرفش ازاي ازاي ازاي انا كلمته
ما اقدرش على بعد حبيبي
انا ليه مين انا ليه مين الا حبيبي

قابلني والأشواق في عنيه
سلم وخد ايدي في ايديه
وهمس لي قالي الحق عليه
نسيت ساعتها بعدنا ليه
فين دموعي للي ما نامت ليالي
بابتسامه من عيونوا نسهالي
امر عذاب….واحلى عذاب
عذاب الحب..عذاب الحب للأحباب
ما اقدرتش اصبر يوم على بعده
ده الصبر عايز عايز صبر لوحده

وصفولي الصبر
لقيته خيال وكلام في الحب
يا دوب يا دوب ينقال
واهرب من قلبي اروح على فين
ليالينا الحلوة في كل مكان
مليناها حب احنا الأثنين
وملينا الدنيا امل
امل وحنان
عيني عيني على العاشقين
حيارى مظلومين
عالصبر مش قادرين

ودارت الأيام
ومرت الأيام
وهل الفجر بعد الهجر
بلونه الوردي بيصبح
ونور الصبح صحى الفرح
وقال للحب قوم نفرح
من فرحتي فرحتي تهت مع الفرحه
من فرحتي فرحتي لا بنام ولا بصحى
ولقيتني معاك بعيش معاك بعيش في ربيع
ما فيش كده ما فيش كده ما فيش كده بين شوق ما ينتهيش
وشوق وشوق وشوق ثاني ابتدى


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